LED Lighting Upgrade

Securetech Systems continuously strives to source and utilise the most innovative technologies and practices which seem ever emerging in this dynamic industry. LED lighting is just one such technology that is not only environmentally friendly but immensely cost effective for our clients too. If you’d like to explore LED Lighting Upgrade options for your existing lighting installations to LED then we have a wide range of solutions for both Domestic and Commercial users.

We have installed and performed LED lighting upgrades on a range of locations – from commercial properties to residential properties such as blocks of flats, assisted living areas and sheltered accommodation.   Our LED lighting upgrade service has benefited clients from a wide range of backgrounds and sectors.

Each LED lighting upgrade project begins with a site survey, where our fully qualified staff will inspect your current lighting and electrical installations and make an informed assessment based on your building.  Our team will provide you with a cost-saving calculation, detailing how much money will be saved by switching to a LED lighting upgrade.

Our quotations can also come complete with an option to pay on finance, to allow customers to “pay as they save” rather than up front.

The Benefits of Installing LED Lighting in Your Workplace

The main advantage of installing LED lighting is the considerable cost savings to be made, on both maintenance and energy bills:

Interested in LED Lighting Upgrades?