Emergency Lighting Systems

Maintenance is an essential and integral element of any commercial safety operating system. Forming a pivotal aspect of such systems in both commercial and multi-occupancy residential buildings is emergency lighting. This must be checked on a regular basis to ensure consistent, full functionality and compliance with legal/manufacture guidelines. SecureTech Systems provides Monthly and Annual tests depending on site requirements. Tests of this nature are recorded in accordance with current British Standards and preserved on site.  Emergency lighting systems must be tested each month, with a yearly check to test emergency lighting efficiency over a 3-hour drain period.

Current legislation states that any building in public use must have compliant emergency lighting.  This ranges from commercial buildings, shops, hospitals, schools and communal buildings such as a block of flats.  We offer a range of services to help businesses install the correct emergency lighting, from upgrades, planning, audits and maintenance.

We install and recommend a wide range of emergency lighting units, with each light installed to the required plan.  Each light can be self-contained, or all connected to control units for larger installations.

All our lighting systems come complete with independent test switches, so they may be tested in isolation as well as meeting current requirements.

Interested in Emergency Lighting?