Security Camera Installation

CCTV is rapidly becoming one of the UK’s most effective and essential tools in the prevention and successful detection of criminal activity. Sadly, all too often crimes such as theft and property damage go unprosecuted due to lack of sufficient evidence.

We understand you can’t always be present in your home or business establishment, and nor should you need to be. With the advancement of emerging technologies, we’re able to offer you complete assurance that your property, domestic or commercial is fully protected no matter where you are the world at a price that needn’t cost you a small fortune.

CCTV not only acts as a visual deterrent but in the unfortunate event theft and/or criminal damage does happen to your home or business, a CCTV system can prove invaluable in the provision of vital evidence and successful prosecution of any individuals involved.

Working closely with each individual client, we listen to your requirements whilst building an in-depth understanding of your surveillance system needs. Based on our vast breadth of industry knowledge and expertise we design and tailor each CCTV system to your specification and budget. We assist in ensuring the best possible solution is sourced and provided to you and your property. Because we have complete confidence in the equipment and our service provision, all our CCTV systems and workmanship come with up to 3 years warranty as standard, at no extra cost.

What type of CCTV systems do we install?

We install a wide range of systems, both new installations and upgrades to older systems.  Our HD Analogue systems have resolutions from 2 Megapixels (MP) to 8MP.  Our IP Cameras can achieve resolutions up to 12MP.   Each camera comes with a wide range of options including fixed lense, varifocal (zoom) lense and pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) directional cameras.

Our experience has allowed us exposure to many useful options to explore with our customers.  Our systems can be installed externally and/or internally.  The cameras can be set up to record continuously or motion-activated.  Our technology also includes facial recognition and virtual tripwires – areas of view which alert users should there be activity.

Our Systems can be remotely accessed by PC or Mobile App and push notifications can be sent to mobile phones should there be an alert event.  Our initial survey will firstly ask why you wish to have a CCTV installation at your home or workplace, and then provide the most effective solution.  Our CCTV installations can also be combined with our comprehensive door access control systems.

Interested in CCTV Installation?

We supply products for both commercial and domestic purposes.
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